Yanni Erbeli Wisteria | Danielle
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With a love of art and color at an early age, Danielle entered college as a fine art/education major and eventually made the natural transition from fine art to Master colorist…using hair as her canvas.

Danielle attended the renowned Rizzieri Aveda School for Beauty and Wellness eventually leading her to the Aveda Salon in Princeton where she spent a decade honing her specialization in color.

Thereafter, Danielle further trained at the L’Oreal Professionnel Soho Academy, learning the French art of balayage. Mastery of color her focus she passionately studied the techniques to make hair incredibly lush, vibrant, and provide deep multi-dimensional color.

“I love the transformative nature of the balayage technique; varying highlights, hand painted customized highlights to create different looks, ultimately naturally sun-kissed wisps of color, this is the true way to balayage.  These custom painted highlights grow out naturally soft, much softer than foil highlights. Fun bright fantasy colors are fun as well. And now products are better…to maintain the integrity of hair, so my clients can enjoy fun colors without damage. Having healthy shiny vibrant hair will never go out of style.”