Growing up in Poland, Marta realized she had a fascination for skincare as she idolized her grandmother who had perfect, healthy looking skin her whole life. They would go into the forest and pick blueberries to make their own skincare remedies to keep their skin healthy and glowing. Since then, Marta continued to learn more about the skincare industry in Europe and trained professionally there until she came to America. While here, she got her esthetic license and worked at White Sands Hotel for 16 years and then moved her skills to Yanni Erbeli Wisteria in 2018 when the new space opened. Marta believes in all-natural skincare and taking care of your skin from the inside out. She incorporates meditation and breathing exercises into her facial appointments.

Her top 3 skincare tips include: staying away from the sun as much as possible, living a smoke-free lifestyle and eating organically.

Marta Portrait